Living a Fit Life Should be Fun!

Take time away from the everyday. Visit beautiful places. Rejuvenate your body & mind.

We all need to be able to take time to do something good just for ourselves. Whether it’s learning something new, going to the gym, taking a yoga class, meditating, trying a new recipe, meeting friends, doing an activity you love, indulging in a spa treatment, sipping a glass of wine or just sitting and reading a book or enjoying the scenery.

This was my inspiration for Training & Champagning™ and our retreats.

When you take time away, you should leave feeling refreshed instead of like you need a vacation from vacation.

Do yourself a favor. Treat yourself. Take the time. And come back to your everyday life recharged and ready to be present and an active participant in your life!


More from our clients…

"It was an amazing weekend filled with opportunities to create relationships I hope will last a lifetime with many different people from many different walks of life.  Every bite of food we ate was exceptional.  The golf course the fellas played while most of the ladies were at the spa was the most pristine I've stepped foot on.  The culmination of the weekend was a mountain-top yoga class early Sunday morning in a place so scenic that words can't do it justice.  It was a truly inspiring moment.  We left feeling blessed and full and wanting to hit rewind..."
~ Britt



"This wellness retreat was nothing short of perfection. Sometimes you don't realize how much you need a change of scenery until you get one. Thank you so much to Training & Champagning and Julie Jones for assembling such an incredible group of humans and to my sister, for twisting my arm to go!"
~ Allison




“Thank you for an amazing weekend of fun, fitness, health, inspiration, and restoration. I didn’t know how badly I needed it until I came home with a whole new attitude. Julie, you outdid yourself ... I’m so glad I went!”




"Incredible wellness retreat with Julie and this group of awesome women! I felt renewed and ready to tackle the world when I left. Every detail was thought of and planned with excellence. I cannot wait for the next one!"
~ Jennifer




"Just returned from a wonderful wellness retreat hosted by Training & Champagning and Julie Jones and I cannot say enough wonderful things about this lm the pre-planning communication to the thoughtful gift bags, to the food, treats, retreat location, planned events, relaxing downtime, and the classes and personal attention - Julie does it all to make her clients feel special! It was more than amazing!!!"
~ Heather

Kristian & I went and toured Old Edwards Inn & Spa, Fairview House, and the Highlands area several months ago in preparation for the Fall Retreat. We fell in love with the area. It’s such a great place to get away. Everything about it is beautiful - the scenery & hikes, the town itself, Fairview House, the spa, the fitness center… I could go on and on. It’s perfect for a Fall Retreat! Plus I’ve enlisted Chef Matthew Murphy and Sommelier Jon Mattson for our wine pairing dinner on Saturday night. It is going to be special!